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Master Tape Copies

Jonathan Horwich, of International Phonograph, Inc., has been recording jazz musicians since the mid-1960s. Now, both from newly recorded performances, and from his collection of jazz analog masters, he is making one-to-one tape copies available to those with tape decks. Primary to any of these tapes is the quality of music, which always takes precedence over any other consideration or reason for publication. These tapes are being made available to the public so these singular moments in jazz can be heard in their highest quality form.

Recording Notes:

There are two categories of tape made available by International Phonograph, Inc. The first is jazz (or sometimes classical music) newly recorded specifically on tape for IPI's current analog tape program. These performances are recorded using custom, analog tape recorders and hand-picked microphones. Normally, the tape consists of about 30 minutes of music on one 10.5" reel of tape. These recordings can be created with two microphones or multi microphones. The second category of tapes produced for IPI is master tapes from IPI's library of jazz ( and some classical) recorded over the years by Jonathan or those he associated with. These are for the aficionado who loves the music of jazz as a priority and enjoys hearing it on a high quality media, analog tape.


Generally, there are two kinds of copies available to the customer.  One is a direct copy off the master (where available -- see each tape below for availability of a direct copy).  This copy is made right off the multi track master or the two track master and is the highest quality copy possible as it is only once removed from the master.  Cost is $250.00.  The other available copy is a production copy made off a direct copy of the master and hence is two removed from the master.   It's cost is $150.00.  

All tapes sold are ¼” two track, 15ips, IEC (CCIR), on 10.5 inch reels, at 250 nanowebers.

For guidance in purchasing please email: jonathanhorwich@me.com


Jazz Sampler #2

Jazz Sampler #1

Reggie Thomas Trio, March 2019 – Chicago, Illinois

Davy Knowles, Still Got Work To Do, Still Got Work To Do, February 2019—Chicago, Illinois

Bill Carrothers, Christmas Music, September 2018 – Chicago, Illinois

Bill Carrothers, Yellow Rose, September 2018 – Chicago, Illinois

George Fludas, Organ Quartet, August 2018 – Chicago, Illinois

John Wojciechowski Quartet, January 2018 -- Chicago, Illinois

Matt Ulery, Trio, September 2017 – Chicago, Illinois

Patrick Godon: Selections, July 2017 — Chicago, Illinois

Winston Choi, Schubert Impromptus 1 - 4, Opus 90, July 2017--Chicago, Illinois

Winston Choi, Schubert Impromptus 1 – 3, Opus 142, July 2017--Chicago, Illinois

Greg Ward Trio, At Pro Musica, May 2017 – Chicago, Illinois

The Fat Babies, Thumpin’ and Bumpin,’  April 2017—Chicago Illinois

Makaya McCraven Quartet, March 2016 – Chicago Illinois

Howard Levy, Chicago Meeting, March 2015 – Chicago, Illinois

Dee Alexander, Magic, September 2014 – Chicago, Illinois

Mark Colby, Quartet, August 2014 – Chicago, Illinois

Bobby Broom Trio, Sweet and Lovely, March 2014 – Chicago, Illinois

Christian Jacob, Beautiful Jazz,  November 2013 – Los Angeles, California

Mike Garson, Monk Fell On Me (Volume One), June 2013 -- Chicago, Illinois

Jason Roebke Quartet, Shimmering, December 2012 -- Chicago, Illinois

Jeremy Kahn Duets, November 2012 -- Chicago, Illinois

Josh Berman Trio, Chicago Retro, July 2012 -- Chicago, Illinois

Clifford Jordan Quartet, October 1987 – Baltimore, Maryland

Per Henrik Wallin, 4th Balcony Jump, May 1983 -- Luna, Sweden

Albert Daley/Stan Getz, January 1983 — Irvington, New York

Richie Beirach, Rendevous, January 1981 – Tampa, Florida

Tom Harrell Quartet, October 1980 -- New Haven, Connecticut

Andy LaVerne Vibes Trio, September 1980 – New Haven, Connecticut

Ravi Shankar, In Luxembourg, July 1980 -- Echternach, Luxembourg

Mark Zeltser, In Luxembourg, July 1980 -- Echternach, Luxembourg

Oboe and Orchestra, June 1980 — Echternach, Luxembourg

Stan Getz Quintet,  January 1980 – New Haven, Connecticut

Dave Samuels, Solo Vibraphone, August 1979 – Tampa, Florida

Lee Konitz / Martial Solal, The Portland Sessions, February 1979 – Portland, Oregon

Clare Fischer, Jazz Song, May 1973 – Studio City, California

Clare Fischer, The State Of His Art, May 1973 -- Studio City, California

Ronnie Hoopes, Respect For A Great Tradition, May 1973 - Pasadena, California

Warne Marsh, At The Ice House, August 1971 -- Pasadena California

Frank Strazzeri, That's Him, March 1969 -- Los Angeles, California

Carmell Jones/Joe Pass, Chillin’ January 1964 — Los Angeles, California