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Jazz Sampler #1

This is the first of the sampler tapes (both jazz and classical) that IPI will release. The samplers will fulfill three purposes: 1) They provide excerpts for those who wish to know what some of IPI’s music performances sound like. 2) In some cases they will be an audio demonstration sampler fulfilling not only number 1 above but demonstrating some of the finer audio efforts of IPI. 3) They provide a full listening experience for those who want a set of varied performances on one tape.

Jazz Sampler #1 stresses the music content while Jazz Sampler #2 stresses the audio quality of the recordings.

Sampler #1 consists of:
1. Jason Roebke – Shimmering (one of the best acoustic bass and vibraphone recordings ever) which showcases unusual yet approachable modern Chicago jazz).
2. Bobby Broom — Sweet and Lovely (Chicago guitarist playing gorgeously and captured naturally).
3. Stan Getz/Albert Daley Duets – Getz plays with the superb pianist Albert Daley in a duet that captures Getz at his most intimate.
4. Lee Konitz – The Portland Sessions (brilliant modern European influenced jazz recorded in an ideal auditorium with a custom-made piano accompanying).
5. Frank Strazzeri — That’s Him, This is New (showcasing brilliant piano improvisation in a trio setting. One of the finest straight ahead piano performances in jazz).
6. Dave Samuels — Solo Vibraphone (shows a master in a solo setting with some of the finest vibes playing one will hear in a stripped down, simple setting using only two omni directional microphones.)

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