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CD Reissues

One of the main purposes of International Phonograph Inc. is to make great jazz available to the public. One of the primary means by which IPI accomplishes this is by unearthing classic jazz performances that are no longer available to the public and reissuing them on CD (and sometimes vinyl). Painstaking care is taken to ensure the highest quality sound. Each CD reissue duplicates, in mini form, the original vinyl packaging.


John Carter and Bobby Bradford, The Complete Revelation Sessions


International Phonograph Inc. produced this three-CD set for Mosaic Records. Jonathan Horwich was involved in the original recording of most of the material on these three CDs while co-owning his first jazz label, Revelation Records.

As to the music, saxophonist/clarinetist John Carter was associated with Ornette Coleman in the '40s in their shared hometown of Fort Worth. Coleman moved to Los Angeles in the early '50s as did Dallas trumpeter Bobby Bradford who would work with Ornette sporadically for the next...

Bill Dixon, Intents and Purposes


If ever a jazz LP literally qualified as "legendary," Intents is it: Deleted practically in transit, it was briefly reissued only once (in France, in the 1970s). It's at long last been reissued on CD in a fetish-worthy International Phonograph limited edition with original graphics, liner notes, and period Nipper logo, and I envy anyone first hearing it now, because it's as bold and surprising as anything newly released this year.

The mercurial, essentially romantic temperament revealed throughout Intents and Purposes begs comparison with...

Julius Hemphill, Dogon A.D.


Voted as one of the 100 most essential jazz recordings of all time by NY Times critic Ben Ratliff.

Dogon A.D. has long been revered as a classic among jazz connoisseurs; Julius Hemphill's relatively obscure but highly influential debut is widely considered the missing link between the avant-garde and populist forms such as blues, funk and soul. The 1972 recording session for this historic masterpiece originally produced four unique compositions, but Hemphill only issued three on his Mbari Records imprint due to...

Clare Fischer, Extension


Conceived and performed exactly as Clare Fischer intended, Extension is his masterpiece. Recorded in 1963, the album is a majestic culmination of his concepts, drawing upon myriad influences, including rich Ellingtonian voicings, the angular harmonic intervals of bebop, and bold modernist innovations proffered by classical composers such as Bela Bartok and Dmitri Shostakovich.

Released for the first time on CD by International Phonograph, Inc., this deluxe mini-LP styled reissue was mastered from...

The John Carter & Bobby Bradford Quartet, Flight for Four


In this meticulously reissued CD version of the original vinyl, John Carter and Bobby Bradford's quartet are at the peak of their creativity in a breathtaking performance. Originally recorded in 1969 for Bob Thiel’s Flying Dutchman label in Los Angeles, the playing crackles with energy and purpose, yet remains accessible through its bluesy, melodic foundation. Although the quartet seamlessly plays as an organic whole, the musicians surge and recede on their own, playing with originality and fire. As Phil Freeman of Burning Ambulance stated in his review: “This is an amazing, joyous record that will reward any jazz fan...

Jeremy Steig, Flute Fever


Packaged with the usual obsessive care to detail that IPI employs, this underground classic was recorded 50 years ago in 1963. At the core of this performance is the improvisation of flutist Jeremy Steig, which is off the charts, always grounded, but seemingly impulsive and surely pushing the envelope of bop harmony. Jeremy is like no other flute player. One listen to his monumental solo on “Oleo” and it is clear that one is in the presence of something extraordinary and compelling. However, a large part of the magic of this performance comes from the piano player, Denny Zeitlin on his first outing. The interplay between Jeremy and Denny...

Horace Tapscott, The Giant Is Awakened


"The Giant Is Awakened was about the people here in this country, and how things was happening to Black folks in this country, and we had to wake up and start to protect and defend and push forward our beliefs and our thoughts and our dreams." –Horace Tapscott

Long considered a classic of avant jazz, this hard-to-find, monumental performance has finally been given the deluxe treatment it deserves. Although this music was conceived during a tumultuous time and place (1969, Los Angeles), a time of black empowerment, a time of revolutionary zeal and social...

Ran Blake, Film Noir


Pianist Ran Blake is a veritable legend in the world of music and his release of Film Noir some 35 years ago is one example why. A wholly original and distinctive musical voice, Blake ignores customary boundaries, creating his own fresh and vibrant concepts. His playing and composing span several genres as it does here on this stunning reissue of Film Noir. First released in 1980, each track is a unique and singular musical impression of Mr. Blake's reactions to well-known film noir movies.