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Horace Tapscott, The Giant is Awakened


"The Giant Is Awakened was about the people here in this country, and how things was happening to Black folks in this country, and we had to wake up and start to protect and defend and push forward our beliefs and our thoughts and our dreams."  --Horace Tapscott

Long considered a classic of avant jazz, this hard-to-find, monumental performance has finally been given the deluxe treatment it deserves. Although this music was conceived during a tumultuous time and place (1969, Los Angeles), a time of black empowerment, a time of revolutionary zeal and social injustice, the music transcends any cultural influences or limitations. It is more about creative interaction between musicians steeped in a culture of enlightenment, a music that was meant to carry a higher message and bring greater spiritual and cultural awareness to the listener. And it does just that.

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