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Jeremy Steig, Flute Fever


Packaged with the usual obsessive care to detail that IPI employs, this underground classic was recorded 50 years ago in 1963. At the core of this performance is the improvisation of flutist Jeremy Steig, which is off the charts, always grounded, but seemingly impulsive and surely pushing the envelope of bop harmony. Jeremy is like no other flute player. One listen to his monumental solo on “Oleo” and it is clear that one is in the presence of something extraordinary and compelling. However, a large part of the magic of this performance comes from the piano player, Denny Zeitlin on his first outing. The interplay between Jeremy and Denny is mind-boggling. Listen to the final track, take 1 of “What Is This Thing Called Love?” Their rapid counterpoint is uncanny. And to complete the magic, both musicians are tightly supported and complemented by the veteran rhythm section of Ben Tucker on bass and Ben Riley on drums. All together, they create amazing music such as on “Lover Man,” accurately verbalized at the end of the CD track by then producer John Hammond as a masterpiece.

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