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Ran Blake, Film Noir


Pianist Ran Blake is a veritable legend in the world of music and his release of Film Noir some 35 years ago is one example why. A wholly original and distinctive musical voice, Blake ignores customary boundaries, creating his own fresh and vibrant concepts. His playing and composing span several genres as it does here on this stunning reissue of Film Noir. First released in 1980, each track is a unique and singular musical impression of Mr. Blake's reactions to well-known film noir movies. Formerly only available on hard-to-find, used vinyl, International Phonograph, Inc. has overseen the reproduction of the music directly from the masters to digital CD. The cover and packaging of this reissue have been lovingly restored as a mini-jacket reproduction of the original vinyl cover worthy of the creative genius contained within. For Ran Blake, making music is a cinematic experience.

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