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Frank Strazzeri, That's Him,  March 1969 -- Los Angeles, California

Lets get right to the point of this performance:  This is one of the finest piano trio outings ever recorded.  This is a bold statement indeed, but in this case true.  Repeated listening (over 25 times) has revealed this as a true jazz masterpiece of harmonic nuance and brilliance.  Frank needs no introduction nor a listing of his accomplishments as a pianist.  He has transformed his many influences (Bud Powell, Horace Silver, Hank Jones, etc.) into an impeccable, concise, brilliant style.  And while manifesting a crisp and and bright sound, you won’t find one cliché in Frank’s playing.   Recorded in 1969 on a vintage Scully 4-track tape deck, this piano trio session is classic studio sound and wholly complementary to the playing.    

Frank Strazzeri That's Him