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Andy LaVerne Vibes Trio, September 1980 – New Haven, Connecticut

Here we have highly talented musicians in a highly unusual configuration both musically and sonically. It is very uncommon to hear a trio consisting of piano, vibes and bass. And, it’s almost impossible to hear such a group recorded with only two microphones. However, the musical and audio result here is stunning, and one of the best two-microphone jazz recording I have ever made with spaced omnidirectional microphones. The playing is world class, with some of the greatest musicians from New York City performing at the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, Connecticut. You’ll rarely hear the vibes played as well as Dave Samuels does here, not to mention the piano and bass playing.  Surely, you will rarely experience such an unusual group recorded with the audio naturalness heard here.

Andy LaVerne Vibes Trio drop down