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Per Henrik Wallin, 4th Balcony Jump, 1983 -- Luna, Sweden

Recorded on a studio multi-track recorder, 4th Balcony Jump reflects the kind of music published  on our former (vinyl) label, Revelation Records. My partner and I, John William Hardy, started Revelation in the mid 60s to give unrecognized but deserving talent a wider audience. Recorded on a studio multi-track tape recorder, 4th Balcony Jump represents original and exploratory piano playing by a then unrecognized, but deserving, Swedish talent who was widely acclaimed in Europe but lesser known in the United States.  That is a shame because Wallin was a master of texture, using both the bold and the feathery to impart his ideas.  With his distinctive classical efficiency and architecture, Wallin sounds like himself but with just enough hints of Monk, Jarrett and Paul Bley to create a fascinating mix of power and distinction. For those into original, boldly different piano playing, this trio outing from 1983 is the ticket.

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