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Ronnie Hoopes, Respect For A Great Tradition, May 1973 - Pasadena, California

IPI is primarily about jazz music, as its roots are in a former jazz record company, Revelation Records. In fact, one of the tapes available on this site (Per Henrik Wallin) is from my early days in California where my partner and I, John William Hardy (one of the finest ears in jazz) formed Revelation and recorded deserving musicians playing the music of their choice in a relaxed setting. This Ronnie Hoopes outing is a great example of the musicians we recorded back then. It is great, straight-ahead jazz, recorded in a very relaxed setting. Although we weren’t trying to be audiophiles back then, the recording was mixed in real time right to a two-track Stellavox recorder. I have had many requests for a jazz trio recording from my master archives. Well, here it is. This is easy-to-listen-to, world-class jazz on the best audio medium out there, analog tape.

Ronnie Hoopes