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Ravi Shankar, In Luxembourg, 1980 -- Echternach, Luxembourg

In 1980 I did a series of classical recordings in Europe, particularly at a music festival in Echternach, Luxembourg. These recordings were all done with two spaced B&K omni directional microphones, on a Levinson Studer ML5 tael recorder. Through chance, one of the festival principals, who had heard my recordings, introduced me to Ravi Shankar who asked me if we could make a recording of the performance about to take place: sitar and tabla, in front of an audience at a small church. Of course I agreed. The performance that day was stunning. Afterwards, upon hearing the tapes, Mr. Shankar himself said it was the finest quality recording of his work he had heard. Mr. Shankar was truly a world musician, considered one of the top sitar players of the 20th century. It was an honor to be in his presence. The tabla player on the recording, Allah Rakha, was also in the same class: a master. Together these two legendary musicians put on an absolutely thrilling 18 minute performance in front of a live audience. Although shorter than the usual IPI tape of 30 minutes, it is well worth it due to the sound and musicianship.

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