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Mike Garson, Monk Fell On Me, June 2013 -- Chicago, Illinois

Recorded on the 5th and 6th of June 2013, this solo piano performance features Mike Garson, one of the finest jazz pianist alive today. Referred to as the greatest rock and roll pianist of all time by David Bowie (with whom he toured) Mike interprets Thelonius Monk tunes in an intensely deep and modernistic approach. The result is stunning both musically and sonically. The session was recorded directly to two-track tape recorder using two vintage Neuman U67 microphones and a modified Studer 810 recorder.  The sound on this release is close in and up front, so detail is clearly heard. Yet it remains musical because of the microphones and tape deck used, but more importantly because of the playing. 

Mike Garson Monk Fell On Me Side I