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The Josh Berman Trio, Chicago Retro, July 2012 -- Chicago, Illinois

Recorded on a 16 track analog tape recorder, this recording was done specifically for IPI’s tape issue program on 27 July 2012. It is probably the first time in recording history where sessions were recorded specifically to be published on analog tape and no other medium. In fact, only enough music was recorded to fill one 30 minute, 15ips reel. The production master, from which copies are run, was copied directly off the 16 track master, reducing the number of tape copies by at least one or two generations from the usual multi-track procedure. The session features the Chicago trio (cornet, guitar and bass) of Josh Berman playing modern/retro jazz, which although very easy to listen to, has the conceptual and harmonic depth of the current vibrant Chicago jazz movement. A must for those who love both great analog sound and jazz. Here is what Robert Harley, of The Absolute Sound, had to say about this tape:

"The Von Schweikert VR-44 Active loudspeaker benefited from a most unusual source: a jazz recording made exclusively for release on open-reel tape made directly from the master. The label, International Phonograph Inc., uses purist techniques and vintage microphones for its tape-only releases which are priced at $150 per title. The sound had an uncanny sense of realism played back through the latest United Home Audio UHA-Q Phase 11 tape machine." (The Absolute Sound, Issue 230.)

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