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Tom Harrell Quartet, October 1980 -- New Haven, Connecticutt

Strangely, in the recorded annals of jazz, there are very few quartet sessions featuring a lone trumpet accompanied by a rhythm section (bass, drums and piano). Normally there is a saxophone player added or the quartet features a saxophone only. I don’t know why this is. Yet, it is one of my favorite group configurations. Hence, in 1980, I recorded trumpeter Tom Harrell with just that arrangement of instruments.

Put onto 30ips tape with just two B&K instrument microphones to a Studer/Levinson ML5 recorder, this performance evinces a natural sounding ambience that only two such mics can achieve. But, more to the point, the playing is stellar by leader/trumpeter Tom Harrell, drummer Joe LaBarbera, bassist Marc Johnson, and pianist Andy LaVerne. This is wonderful, modern music and a must for those who love straight-ahead jazz in a natural setting.

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