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Carmell Jones/Joe Pass, Chillin’ January 1964 — Los Angeles, California

Jazz lovers have always had a fascination for after-hours jamming or the casual get-together of a group of jazz musicians.  Without the formal session and pressure to produce a specific result in a specific time, and without an audience, the result can be something very rare, reflecting the lack of those very restrictions. That is the case here when in 1964, Carmell Jones and Joe Pass got together to just jam.  Carmell Jones may not be as widely known as Pass or Charlie Haden for that matter, but he is a master.  Listen to his flawless and brilliant solo on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”  It is truly a masterpiece. (That he is a bit distant from the microphone in no way diminishes the impact of his gorgeous playing.)  And needless to say, Joe Pass plays like the virtuoso he is.  His solo on “What Is This Thing Called Love” is stunning.  The whole group in fact is masterful and this is music for those who really appreciate brilliant, straight-ahead jazz, unadorned by the constraints of time or money.  A gem from the 60s.


Carmell Jones/Joe Pass Chillin'