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Makaya McCraven Quartet, 10 March 2016 – Chicago Illinois

Makaya McCraven is not your typical jazz drummer.  No indeed he is not. His music spans so many generations of jazz and he and his groups are always pushing the boundaries of jazz and in an unique way.  Case in point, here he is found with a quartet (drums, vibes, bass and cello) of world class musicians playing rhythmic layers and textures of sound somewhat reminiscent of Miles’ “In A Silent Way.”  Further enhancing the experience, the sound was captured on the highest quality equipment using a custom Studer 8-track tape deck and world-renown vintage tube microphones.  The result is a recording of startling presence and of natural sound.  Many have commented that the vibes and drum sound on this recording are as good as ever recorded. Combined with an original, yet easy-to-listen-to performance, this is a true gem of modern jazz and a true delight for those interested in the highest quality sound.

Makaya McCraven Quartet