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Dee Alexander, Magic, September 2014 – Chicago, Illinois

The jazz vocal/piano relationship is one of great simplicity, but also of great challenge. Both performers are overtly exposed to view and both must interact brilliantly to pull off a superb performance. That is what has happened here with Jeremy Kahn on piano and Dee Alexander on vocals. Both are consummate musicians, and their collaboration, performing jazz standards, is indeed magical. Jeremy’s accompaniment to Dee and his solos are as good as you’ll hear. Near perfection. Recorded directly onto a custom 8-track Studer/Revox tape recorder, using a custom stereo tube microphone on piano and the legendary Telefunken 251e on voice, the sound is stunningly natural and immediate. No EQ, no reverb. You hear just what was recorded in the studio. Direct copies of the master are available for the ultimate sound.

Dee Alexander drop down